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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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other form of embarrassing behavior. he strongly denied that and said it's absolutely not the case. >> reporter: finally, thursday afternoon, police in brazil told the media their version and said that the swimmers left a party, stopped at a gas station and went to the bathroom and they say deliberately vandalized it. when confronted by security, police say that lochte was drunk but police say that the taxi driver, two girls with the swimmers and one of the swimmers himself have all admitted to police there was no robbery now, lochte never reported this to police initially who told his mother who told reporters. they could face filing a false report and vandalism charges.
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and may have been trying to cover up that fact because lochte had a girlfriend. kate merrill, wbz news. breaking news about a $400 million payment to iran. the state department said that the u.s. handed over that huge cash payment contingent on the release of american prisoners. liam martin has more. liam? >> reporter: lisa, complicated case. the state department threatened not to give iran the money unless they released the 5 american prisoners including a washington post reporter. when iran agreed to release the prisoners, the u.s. agreed to deliver the money by plane. u.s. sanctions ban american dollars to be used in a transaction with iran, so the
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francs and other euro tractions. the deal, some are saying, blurred the lines. >> liam, thank you so much. a terrible scene in downtown boston today. pedestrians hit and people trapped under a car and strangers rushing from a trolley to help them out. jim smith has details on this. jim? >> reporter: david, this happened at the height of the lunch hour at this busy school streets. people who saw it were horrified and statement sprang into action. >> call 911. >> this is crazy. a lot of people around. >> reporter: a frantic scene at washington and school streets in downtown boston, three people hit by a car, a woman, a child, and a third person, some badly hurt and people coming to their aid. >> really sad. young kid on the street with what appeared to be his mom.
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or pretty bruised. >> reporter: people were frantic and trying to do whatever they could; right? >> a lot of people came out to help. >> reporter: some people got together and lifted the front of the car off the victims. we spoke with one of those good samaritans by phone. >> the lady, she is under the car. we lifted up the car and w e -- the lady, we take her out, and i said, let's go >> reporter: as for the driver, witnesses told us that she initially ran from the car. the surveillance camera sits on top of the utility pole above the scene. a tour trolley driver said he saw the whole thing. >> the car struck a pedestrian and she tried to take off and a mob came from nowhere and surrounded the car and wouldn't let her leave. >> reporter: and the crowd may have saved a life by lifting
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-- he would have gotten run over by the tire. >> reporter: encouraging news. the initial report is that the injuries are not life threatening. no word on possible charges against the driver. jim smith, wbz news. lisa? >> jim, thank you. a framingham teenager is behind bars for an attack on his family. the air is societia, florida sheriff ramgren confessed to stabbing his mother and his brother, both now hospitalized in critical condition. ramgren is held without bond. the need for rain rain in massachusetts is at a critical level. the boston area is in an extreme drought, something we haven't experienced in 20 years. you can see how how widespread
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dire situation. christina? >> reporter: david, he said this is a widespread problem and already hitting farms like this hard. behind me here is the pond that feeds the irrigation system for crops. and you can see how low it is. all you have to do is look at the ground to see how parched the earth is. >> usually i fertilize this like a carpet. sean like everyone else's, brown and where he has garden, just dirt. >> usually, all kinds of flowers, tulip that is i plant every year. >> reporter: he feels guilty to bring the hose out when communities are dealing with watering bans. farmers anticipate raising prices because of money lost to the drought and firefighters are concerned about their supply. governor charlie baker took to a local farm to remind people
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we had a light winter and found an incredibly dry summer, and those things by themselves have consequences for farming and agriculture generally but they have public safety issues which we think is important for people to keep in mind as well. >> reporter: so no statewide ban. many communities are dealing with bans but that's because as far as the water supply, some communities are worse off than others. so now, the governor's office and heads of looking into possible emergency water supplies for those communities that might need it should this drought continue for the next week and months to come. in north andover, christina hager, wbz news. dave and lisa, back to you. thank you, lisa. some of us saw raindrops this morning but nothing significant. >> and we see the clouds in christina's live shot and
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from there. let's turn to eric fisher live at gillette stadium. >> reporter: david and lisa, the clouds are building up but won't bear much fruit this afternoon. but not expecting rainfall across much of the season. meteorological summer is june, july, and august. only 3" of rain in boston. so the immediate boston area and heading to the north shore, that's the driest, and we are sum or forecast. and we don't have any rain in the forecast. really, monday, and even that doesn't look to be a widespread soaking rainfall, just a little bit but that's it for 10 days. 10 days, not just 5. and a look at the showers here, drying up before they head east. 90 in norwood, not far from
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patriots' pre-season action, gorgeous, upper 70s and lower 80s, low humidity, a few clouds and a pleasant night. maybe you are tired of pleasant and want the rainfall. we'll take a look at the forecast and -- what's up? and we'll do the 98-mile per hour wrap up for us. and we will have the king later tonight who beat out "zo" the other night. >> clearly, he is not a clear loser. we like that. thank you, eric. see you in a bit. interesting news about tom brady's status for tonight's game. steve burton is live on the field for us. steve s paradey in or out? >> reporter: he's in and that's the good thing, and that's pre-season game number 2. and tom brady will see action tonight, and that's a good thing. when number 12 takes the field,
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see him back here. and keep in mind he is not playing against the saints and wasn't here for personal seasons. he took snaps earlier and looked sharp but it's jimmy garoppolo who has to get ready for the season opener. joining me is the guy who are is calling the night's game. >> yep. >> surprised that brady's going to play? a i thought they might go gronk. haven't seen him since 2012 pre- season and jimmy garoppolo will be out here, watch for him, 11 of 16 for 168 yards, last week in the first pre-season game, trying to build off that with no touchdowns, and the line gave him better protection, and that's what i am looking for
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what he saw and the plays are the same with tom brady and different for jacoby brissette. just get him ready. >> and one other question, do you expect him to be more loose, garoppolo? >> i don't know if that's the question -- maybe more comfortable. you know, going with the joint practices with the saints and bears, another opportunity, an up at arizona that's when he is as comfortable or as loose. >> you look pretty loose. >> you look like a pylon. >> taking a shot. [laughter] >> you think there is value to having him out there tonight? >> value in what? i'm sorry. >> value? having brady play. >> he wants to -- keep in mind, he wants to know if there is a value to having him play.
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6. >> he hasn't played since last january. mental reps, get him more comfortable and that's good for him. >> do it for brady and the fans. >> that makes sense. >> back to you. >> thanks, guys. >> wbz is your official patriot's station with all access, and pats and bears at 8:00 and then the 5th quarter here on channel 4. a local fisherman in over his head. >> more like his waist. the mud rescue that yo california where more than 1000 firefighters are trying to save homes and businesses. >> and it's a not so happy meal toy. and why mcdonald's is pulling the fitness trackers that we
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southern california say this wildfire is one of the worst they have ever seen. the so-called blue cut fire has forced then tens of thousands to evacuate and it's 4% contained. as chris martinez shows us, the flames are still on the move. >> reporter: the massive blue cut fire creeps ever closer to wrightwood, east of los angeles. it has forced the evacuation of
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stayed behind. >> we're packed up and ready to go. >> our whole life is here. everything that we own is in the place report fire crews are attacking from the ground and heavily from the air but have struggled to keep it from growing. on tuesday, flames ripped through phelan, destroying homes and strong winds is making it difficult to keep up. >> this fire ran up canyon and carried this fire into of different directions. >> reporter: more than 1500 firefighters are battling this fire that is burning in an area larger than the city of san francisco. >> i don't want to have to start over again with nothing. >> reporter: the blue cut is one of nine major fires burning in california and the governor has declared a state of emergency. chris martinez, wrightwood,
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louisiana could be the worst crisis since hurricane katrina. 14 people have died and 30,000 homes in southern louisiana are damaged and only a small percent of those homeowners have flood insurance, and on this night 25 years ago, we were bracing for the arrival of hurricane bob. >> we want to head back to eric at gillette with a look back at -- believe it or not, eric -- the landfall. we have been lucky. >> reporter: we have been very fortunate. if you think back to the 50s and 60s, and 25 years since bob, and at this point 25 years ago in the outer banks of north carolina, go to go cat-3, a major hurricane and then quickly raced off to the north and made landfall on the 19th, and you can see the images here. if you are not old enough to rent a car, you are not old
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in new england. hopefully, the streak will continue for many years. we are watching the tropic this is evening. there is fiona, expected to stay out to sea and the wave behind it is more interesting. if it gets a name, it would be gaston. and this could come closer to the united states than fiona will. it may make a close pass to bermuda and the we'll be updating about 7 to 10 days from now. out here at gillette stadium, beautiful summer weather, 85 degrees and a little bit breeze of a breeze and a couple of clouds in the sky, couldn't be better compared to last week's game, 98 and humid. across the northeast, warm summer conditions, 80s and don't see a lot of 90s chz a good thing as we creep closer
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looking at the humidity levels, lower 60s for dew point bus not oppressive. the really tropical air is to the south and will hang out for the next couple days before it runs back on us sunday. hour by hour, a chance for a spot shower, north and west of boston and in worcester county, most towns will stay dry. dry is the operative term for friday and saturday and sunday. maybe a spot shower will move in but i think the next few days, the ma will be dry. overnight lows, 60s to 70, a warm evening for us, and tomorrow, another warm day, up in the 80s and noticing cooler air along the coast. on shore breezes will be developing out of the east northeast as we head towards the afternoon. generally light winds on shore tomorrow, 78 to 84 and water temperatures in the 70s for our friday. and that moves us to the weekend. what we're watching is a front off to the west and heading
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front is going to slowly climb toward us as we head into sunday and monday. so it's a dry friday and a dry saturday although clouds will fill in in western new england and sunday, an increasing cloud cover and the increase of a southeasterly breeze and an increase in humidity. there might be a couple of rain showers mixed in but most won't get here until monday. specifically, looking at the cape and islands, and the falmouth road race, i think you will get in a decent race and not an oppressive really hot day to run. next week, monday, the chance are downpours and that's it. then high pressure up and down the eastern seaboard. if it doesn't rain much on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and probably not friday either. an unbelievable stretch here. david and lisa, the dry times consistent into september, and
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out of this. >> by the way, anyone thought you were garoppolo tonight? >> i am not as handsome as jimmy g. i don't have the facial hair. >> eric fisher, thank you so much. today, vice presidential nominee mike pence was in town for a meeting. clinton calls him the failed establishment candidate and ripped reports. >> the media is so busy trump said in the last 30 minutes they don't have time to cover what the clintons were up to for 30 years. and hillary clinton was reallying support and talked about the challenges of policing in america and highlighted the need for the community and police to work together. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is saver when there is
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everyone is received by the law. >> the meeting included top cops from new york and los angeles. earlier this week, donald trump accused clinton of betraying law enforcement. lisa some. tonight, david, the piano man takes the stage in boston at a famous venue he knows well. billy joel will be performing at fenway for the third summer in a row. the show starts at 7:30. >> vu seen him at fenway? >> i have not. >> a night like this? >> yes, and i saw pearl jam on a night like this. >> oh, rubbing it in. coming up, cracking your knuckles? somesay the annoying habit
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here's a deep question. what do you want to happen to your body wh more and more people are donating their body to science, and dr. mallika marshall is here and this this is a big deal. >> reporter: it is and to people like me. when you any to medical school they tell you how important it is to study on a real body. according to the associated press, the university of buffalo doubled donations to 600 cadavers in the past
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the stigma surrounding body donation has fallen. and scientists are studying a new opioid with the pain- killing effects of morphine without the side effects. it was studied on mice and found it could reduce the pain signals in the brain without caution constipation or breathing problems and may pose less risk for addiction. and good news for th knuckles. it's probably not harmful and may be beneficial. when you crack your knuckles, you buildup gas -- you release the buildup of gas in the joints but a caveat. this is a short-term is study. if you are one of those people -- >> do you crack your knuckles.
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you? oh, do you? oh, okay. >> i am fold i do it, i will get arthritis. >> no, not true. just do it in the privacy of your own office. [laughter] >> lisa, over to you. >> you don't ever have to do that again. thank you. and cvs is now selling k- cup pods for hot medicine. people with a cold or flu pour it out of a pouch and mix it with there are daytime and nighttime flavors like menthol and green tea. and a day after we told you about mcdonald's decision to put fitness trackers into happy meals, they are pulling them because kids have complainted that it irritates their skin. meantime, mcdonald's is substituting toys. >> so much for a good idea. [laughter] >> oh, well. a massachusetts man
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popular home improvement store. >> he admits he stole from stores all over. >> and a muddy rescue for a fisherman who was trapped. crews pulled him to safety. and we have the drone video. pre-season game number 2 is just hours away. we are hearing tom brady will play and i'll have keys to the
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now at 5:30, a fisherman stuck in the mud. quincy firefighters doing all they could to pull the man to safety. the mud was waist high. >> as bill shields shows us, that guy is lucky he had his cell phone to call for help. >> reporter: it was a nice morning for fishing black's creek in quincy but there was a problem. when the tide went out, the fisherman went out with it and stepped in the mud and got deeper and deeper. >> let's go back. th support weight at all. >> reporter: luckily, the fisherman had a cell phone and called 911 and the firefighters quickly laid down ladders to reach him. >> two 20-foot ground letters to have the firefighter guess out and aid him. >> reporter: two firefighters got to him. mike griffith was one of them. >> got his leg out and crawled back with him. >> reporter: the bottom here is not sandy. it's mud, and if you get stuck


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